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2020 Women on Boards Transforms Into An Essential Global Conversation on Board Diversity
On November 12, The Global Conversation on Board Diversity: Women Leaders Changing the World, will kick-off a virtual series of 28 distinct City/State events to ignite a game-changing conversation on board diversity and gender balance.

Globally recognized speakers addressing the business imperatives for elevating women to corporate boards include:

Melinda Gates
Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
and Founder of Pivotal Ventures
Brian Moynihan
Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of Bank of America
Mellody Hobson
co-CEO of Ariel Investments

Ambassador Melanne Verveer
Executive Director at Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security
Ron Williams
Chairman, and CEO of RW2 Enterprises, LLC
Valerie Jarrett
Former Senior Advisor for President Barack Obama
Martin South
President of U.S. & Canada Division of Marsh
Paula A. Johnson MD, MPH
President of Wellesley College
The Global Conversation will examine women’s status on U.S. corporate boards. Using our 2020 Gender Diversity Index report, we will address the impact of corporate governance and boardroom diversity in the U.S. We also explore women’s global influence on boards through international research presented by well-known business leaders from Japan, Nigeria, India, Mexico, Spain, and the U.K.

Then, 28 City/State Conversations will live stream events with VIP panelists to spotlight “Women Directors During Times of Crisis” the weeks of November 16-20 and December 1-4, 2020.

With more than 20 headline speakers, and 400+ VIP Panelists and Director Coaches confirmed, attendees in their early, mid, and advanced career have the opportunity to hear from influential speakers, and participate in breakout discussions to gather insights on how to accelerate themselves or their peers to boardroom positions.

Funds raised through the 2020 Women on Boards events each year support the invaluable research, educational programs, and advocacy efforts, produced by our 501c3 nonprofit, that play an influential role in advancing gender balance and diversity.

Every ticket includes The Global Conversation on Board Diversity and ONE City/State event of your choice, with the option to add additional City/States events or purchase an all Access-Pass.

To register today click here, or make an impact and sponsor our event here.

2020WOB Gender Diversity Index Report Reveals that Women Hold a Record 22.6% of Board Seats Among the Largest Russell 3000 Index Companies
We are pleased to present this year’s Gender Diversity Index Report, an annual review of the status of women on the boards of Russell 3000 companies. Key findings include:

Big Companies Continue to Lead in Boardroom Diversity
Women continue to make steady gains on public company boards, and now hold 22.6% of the board seats of Russell 3000 (R3000) companies, up from 20.4% in 2019. The percentage of women in the 100 largest companies is 29.9%, up from 27.7% in 2019. Women hold 18.2% of the board seats in the 1000 smallest companies.

Two Thirds of Russell 3000 Companies are W Companies
One Third have One or No Women Directors

Sixty-one percent of R3000 companies are Winning “W” companies, with 20% or more board seats held by women, up from 52% in 2019. Only 7% of the companies are “Z” companies with no women directors. Despite this progress, 1,064 companies—one third of all the companies on the list—still have only one or no women on their boards.

All but Two States Exceed the Goal
Of the 25 states with more than 20 R3000 companies, all but two, Florida and Utah, have 20% or more women on their boards, up from 17 states in 2019.

Industry Sectors Move Forward: 10 of 11 Exceed 20%
Women now hold more than 20% of the board seats in companies in 10 of 11 industry sectors. Only the energy sector is below 20%.

Women’s Boardroom Gains Slower than 2019
In the first six months of 2020, women gained 36% of the new seats, down from 42% in 2019. Women gained 744 board seats (net), and 60% of them were added and did not require men to give up their seats to make room for women.

Moving Toward Gender Balance
Thirty percent (911) of R3000 companies have three or more women on their boards, compared with 25% (720) last year. Five percent (162) of the companies have achieved gender balance, compared with 4% (116) last year. What do we mean by gender balance? Having an equal number of men and women or not more than one additional man or woman on odd numbered boards.

As we head into the next decade, please continue to stay engaged as we grow and evolve the 2020WOB campaign. Learn how to ready yourself to find a corporate board seat, as well as influence and follow the progress being made by women.

For the full report click here.

2020WOB Get on Board! Workshops Attract More than 600 Executives, and Online Learning Continues to Trend Favorably Among Employees
Harvard Business Review released an article in September citing, that “education, one of the least digitized and most people-intensive economic sectors,” was long overdue for a technology-driven disruption.

Accelerated by the pandemic, not only did higher education shift to remote learning, but platforms liked LinkedIn Learning, Trailblazer by Salesforce, and Google’s Certification Skillshop Programs continue to digitize education and services using AI- and analytics-driven teaching.

With more employers valuing upskilling, flexible education is in high demand as employees search for viable options to keep pace with technological advances.

Following suit, 2020WOB shifted to remote learning, which not only removed the geographic limitations of our in-person curriculum, but enabled us to build intensive, interactive, and instructional coaching sessions with participants.

The virtual Get on Board! Workshops were just as successful online (if not more) as in-person, with participants stating that the format was “more effective,” that they “felt more confident,” and “could apply what they learned to start their board search immediately.”


In 2021, we will launch revitalized curriculum, new programs and ongoing events, designed to reach women in the workforce with personalized training that helps accelerate their path to the boardroom.

Congratulations to all of our 2020WOB Get on Board! Workshop graduates. Alumnae, look for exclusive news, offers, and Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire’s office hours.

For more information, contact

Meet Our City Campaign Chairs
How do we hold 28 City/State Conversations on Board Diversity in two weeks?

We engage a lot of smart, accomplished, talented, committed volunteers! We’re proud to introduce our 2020 Committee Chairs, who dedicate their time and energy to staging successful events throughout the year.

As a special thank you, we spotlight several of our volunteer chairs in every Quarterly Report, and this month we are celebrating Seattle’s Co-chairs Kelly Breslin-Wright, Joanna Lohkamp, and the Seattle team of Leadership Committee Members.

In the spirit of teamwork & collaboration, Kelly and Joanna share best practices that other City/State regions can apply to ensure we are utilizing our organization’s capabilities and connections. Thank you both for elevating women inside and outside of our network.

Joanna Lohkamp
Director — Woods Bagot Pty Ltd, NACD Northwest Chapter
Kelly Breslin Wright
Adjunct Professor — University of Washington
Meet Our Alliances
One of our three key organizational pillars is “Collaborate.” As such, we network with organizations that align with our mission to accelerate women to corporate boards of directors. This month we would like to thank the following teams for partnering with us in 2020, and we look forward to achieving more together in 2021.
Make a contribution to support our research, education, and advocacy work. Together we can make it happen. Visit 2020 Women on Boards website and follow us on social for upcoming program, event details and ways to get involved.
323-416-2020 |
2020 Women on Boards is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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