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Independent research shows when three or more women serve on a board business profitably, productivity and workplace engagement are positively impacted.

50/50 Women on Boards is committed to increasing gender balance and diversity on corporate boards to ensure diversity & inclusion is reflected at the highest levels of leadership – but we can’t do it alone! 

Below are tangible next steps and resources to help accelerate gender balance and diversity in the workplace.

What we can all do


Raise awareness and participate in the conversation.

Follow and get involved with 50/50 Women on Boards and other like-minded organizations such as Women Corporate Directors, Women Business Collaborative, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)…

Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA), Executive Leadership Council (ECL), Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders, National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), Board Apprentice, and KPMG.


Take our Monthly Challenges.

Did you know that investors need to disclose a group of emails addressing an issue to their board? Twice a month we urge companies with no women or one woman director to add more women to their board. 

When you receive the email, click on the challenge to send a pre-drafted email to their investor relations team directly to make our voices heard.


Host an event with 50/50WOB.

Let’s collaborate on an event to educate corporate stakeholders on the business imperative of diverse boards and provide women the tools and insights to advance as corporate boards of directors.

What corporate leaders or investors can do


Vote your proxy.

If you are an individual investor, find out how many women serve on the companies’ boards where you own stock. If there are no women directors, send the CEO a letter to urge change. Remember to vote for shareholder resolutions on board diversity and for board slates that include women.


Make a corporate donation.

More than 80% of our funds foster our research, programs, and public awareness campaigns for accelerating gender balance and diversity on corporate boards. A partnership with 50/50WOB provides your company with increased visibility and engagement with influential networks.

What women and men in their early to mid-careers can do


Be selective about your future employment.

Identify socially responsible companies that support gender balance and diversity. Review the gender composition of the board and senior management.


Register or encourage women in your network to register for a "Path to the Boardroom" Workshop.

Increase your visibility as a future aspiring board candidate by identifying what skills you need to focus on to best position yourself for boardroom opportunities.


Research the board composition of the company where you work.

Does your company (public or private) have three or more women on its board of directors? If not, find out why. If there is only one woman director, ask the CEO to consider appointing a second woman, and soon a third.

What women and men in leadership positions can do


Implement New Hiring Practices.

Commit to looking outside of your network to ensure your new hires and board candidates are gender-balanced and diverse. To start, pursue your industry business and trade associations, and search business publications or LinkedIn for articles about women of achievement, or identify businesswomen quoted in your trade media about their business perspectives.


Join a 50/50WOB Campaign Committee.

Joining or leading a campaign committee in your City/State is a great way to increase your visibility, build your network, and demonstrate your leadership skills while working on accelerating gender balance and diversity on corporate boards.


Register or encourage women in your network to register for a "Get on Board!" Workshop.

Build the skills to pursue your first public or a private company board seat. Each workshop meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in a small group setting, for two hours on each day, to identify how to articulate your experience and increase your visibility.

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