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Janeen Uzzell, a dynamic and seasoned executive, serves as a catalyst for innovation and positive change. She is a pioneer who has merged her global citizenship, technology skills and storytelling strengths to advocate for change without compromise and often boldly going it alone.

With a career underscored by a steadfast commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Janeen seamlessly blends technical expertise with strategic vision. Currently at the helm as the CEO of NSBE, Janeen brings her leadership prowess from the technology sector, contributing to cutting-edge solutions that harmonize technology, business, and social impact. As the organization’s first CEO, her role is pivotal in propelling it towards sustainable growth and societal advancement. Leading a membership of tens of thousands ranging from youth, through collegiate, and professionals in STEM, NSBE has become the largest ecosystem of diverse talent and thought leadership.

In her capacity as the Chief Operating Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation, which also took place during the rise of global disinformation and the public exposure of inequalities through the Black Lives Matter movement, Janeen masterfully orchestrated the allocation of organizational resources, ensuring the sustained growth and expansion of Wikipedia’s content and user base. Her strategic integration of core programmatic priorities and a robust, secure infrastructure yielded measurable advancements, solidifying the Wikimedia Foundation as a non-profit powerhouse reaching nearly 1.5 billion unique devices monthly.