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Business Development

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Previous Board Experience

Nonprofit, Private

Throughout her career, Ivonne Valdes has built and led teams that have accelerated profitable revenue growth and transformation for some of the world’s top technology companies—including HP, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu, Schneider Electric, and Sorenson Communications—as well as several PE-backed companies and Silicon Valley startups.

As a C-level leader, Ivonne fosters a collaborative environment in her regular reporting to the Sorenson Communications Board of Directors. She has repeatedly been a member of the senior leadership teams that shepherded companies through due diligence, acquisition, and integration, including the purchase of Sun Microsystems’ Rapid Solutions & Strategic Alliances business (a +$5B transaction) by Oracle and HP’s acquisition of 3PAR (a +$2.35B transaction). Earlier in her career, as the VP of Sales for Exponential Technologies Inc., she was a member of the leadership team that defined the corporate strategy and conducted a fundraising road show with presentations to numerous VC boards.

Ivonne’s deep experience and industry insights are at the foundation of Sorenson Communications’ global expansion from 3 to 11 countries. As Chief Product Officer and Chief Channel Officer, she delivered multimillion-dollar incremental revenue in the face of intense competition, launched a D2C subscription service, and crafted the company’s first channel strategy. As P&L head of Schneider Electric’s cloud and services division, she nearly doubled revenue in one year and reached billion-dollar sales in year two, positioning the division as the company’s most profitable. Earlier, Ivonne was part of the leadership team that was pivotal in the growth of Sun Microsystems’ enterprise services business. She also spearheaded the creation and launch of the company’s first preventive analytics subscription offering, contributing nine-figure revenue.

Throughout her career, Ivonne has fostered cultures of integrity and transparency. Her adept management of risk and adherence to regulatory standards has not only fortified each company against potential pitfalls, but has also significantly increased each company’s focus on corporate citizenship. From data and information security to M&A due diligence and risk management, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder management, leadership development, and DEI, she has consistently demonstrated a dedication to creating sustainable and responsible corporate practices.