Los Angeles World Airports

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Bea Hsu is an experienced executive, board member and board president who has held leadership positions in a range of public and private companies and government agencies. She has managed and provided strategic direction to platforms developing and operating large scale building and infrastructure programs in commercial real estate, housing, public-private redevelopment initiatives, airport modernization and aviation/transportation. She is also experienced in change management and communications in post-M&A operations, significant PR events, labor issues, political and regulatory shifts, and evolving ESG and decarbonization mandates.

Bea has been the Board President of Los Angeles World Airports (LAX & VNY), overseeing $2B in annual revenues and a $15B modernization and capital improvement program. As EVP for Brookfield’s West Coast commercial development group she has overseen a $3B commercial real estate pipeline. Leveraging her experiences in developing and managing complex real estate and capital projects, Bea brings deep knowledge in local, state and federal land use regulations, project planning, public and private finance, design, construction and operations. She is passionate and dedicated to building and working with excellent teams that create value through forward thinking and strategic focus.