Clarus Corporation | Salt Lake City, UT (October 2020)

Advocacy for women’s equal participation and representation in the outdoor industry continues to grow. Forbes reported that women’s outdoor sports purchasing power compared to men continues to increase, and given that women represent half of the population, we can’t overlook our business recommendations and decisions within the industry.

Margo Hayes, globally known as one of the best women climbers, and other professional climbers such as Megan Martin and Olivia Hsu, are encouraging women to take up the sport. World-renowned skiers Caroline Gleich and American professional freeskier Angel Collinson are also sending a strong message that women can ski just as hard as their male counterparts.

As a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of best-in-class outdoor equipment, including the iconic brand Black Diamond, why are there no women on your board? We’re asking you to take the lead to put women on your board.

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