The Global Conversation on Board Diversity

Leading the Way to Diverse & Gender-Balanced Boards

Valuing, supporting, and building diverse workplace cultures creates opportunities that challenge conventional perceptions, ignite creativity, and enrich our conversations, connections, and communities. 

On November 3, 2021, hear from CEOs, Board Directors, and Experts who are changing corporate culture by instituting inclusive educational programs and hiring practices that welcome, attract, and advocate for diverse talent and board directors. 

The Global Conversation ticket includes one City or State event of your choice where you will join a panel of experts in that region and, depending on your career level or topic of interest, interact in a live networking session led by a board director who will coach you in your board pursuit or discuss innovative practices to help accelerate diversity. 

If you’re committed to driving the movement toward diversity and gender balance in the workplace and on boards, join more than 7,000 board-ready women, board directors, leaders, colleagues, and allies in our network who are in your corner and dedicated to your advancement.

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