Qiaoni "Linda"




St. Louis,




Area of Expertise

Business Development

Previous Board Experience

Nonprofit, Private

When working in General Motors and Monsanto/Bayer, I was constantly asked to move into new roles because I had successfully developed and executed effective strategies to tackle complex business issues in the previous role. My natural curiosity and love for learning gave me the courage to jump in, every time. Being constantly new, I was able to bring fresh perspectives and ask paradigm shifting questions, which quickly moved people from frustration with each other to collaboration on finding innovative and mutually beneficial solutions. Each of my roles increased my capability to connect the dots across functions and develop strategies that maximize enterprise value.

Being the CEO of Genective has allowed me the opportunity to further hone these skills and become the ultimate dot-connector for the enterprise. My articulation of a well-crafted turnaround strategy and a 5-year execution plan earned me a seat at the Board of Directors in my third month at Genective. My strategic moves of re-locating the global headquarters, streamlining the R&D portfolio, and establishing alternative revenue streams have been instrumental in turning around Genective with accelerated innovation and increased enterprise value.