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Latanya Mapp Frett is a visionary Global CEO and President of the Board with 30 years experience leading in the emerging markets of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America with a keen focus on ESG, government contracting, host country negotiations, partnerships, DEI, and M&A, with $1B P&L oversight. She asks the right questions to advise and provide companies and boards valuable insights on growth and delivery in markets worldwide with specific expertise in impact investment, development, management, funding, partnerships, and revenue streams.

Latanya is the CEO and Board President of the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, managing $1 billion in assests and revenue between $500-600m. She was previously the CEO/President of the Global Fund for Women, one of the world’s leading foundations for gender equality, providing seed funds and fiscal sponsorship for over 5,000 organizations and groups across 176 countries. She was also the Executive Director and Vice President Global of PPFA, leading international programs across 12 countries with 100+ employees. She attracted over $200M in investment revenue, building one of the most innovative and sustainable global health organizations in the field.

Known for her big picture thinking, Latanya serves on Capgemini’s Purpose Social Impact Committee with the CEO and COO of the largest global publicly traded consulting firm. She was appointed by the US government to the Export Import Bank’s Council on Advancing Women in Business. As well, she sits on several non-profit boards, large commissions, and multi-lateral advisory structures. As Board Director of Management Sciences for Health, a global health organization, she served on the Finance Committee governing $300M in annual revenues, and on the Nominating/Governance committee, leading board diversity, and oversees the for-profit arm of the organization, MedSource, including the establishment of its Board of Directors.

Latanya is sought after to serve on large complex boards including the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (Oxfam), where she serves on a number of committees to ensure impact and return on investment, good governance, and competitive executive compensation and talent acquisition, as well as the chairing the advocacy committee, advising on safeguarding elections and international campaigns. Latanya served as Treasurer on the CHANGE and Inwood House boards overseeing Audit, Investment, and Risk committees, and leading a merger. She was also the inaugural board Treasurer on the International Career Advancement Association board, diversifying revenues for growth.

Latanya is a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer who successfully led U.S. government foreign assistance strategies in four regions and priority countries – Egypt, Yemen, Thailand, Morocco, Nigeria, Mali, Iraq, Botswana, and Dem Rep of Congo – with multi billion-dollar impact. She navigated numerous crises requiring multi-stakeholder leadership and negotiations during the Arab Spring, the Shell oil spills in Nigeria, political coups, wars, and pandemics. Latanya also led numerous public/private mergers, acquisitions, and alliances totaling more than $200M. She started her career as a human rights attorney with the UN and the NAACP developing products, policies, and programs to ensure equity partnerships for economic growth, political inclusion, and diverse impact. Inspired by her worldwide experience, Latanya mentors the next generation of ESG advocates as a Columbia University professor.