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Gaeta has held a variety of technical roles with progressing leadership responsibility during her tenure at Intel Corporation.  She has overseen the development of technologies that have helped change and define our computing world. And she is one of only a small number of recipients of the prestigious Intel Achievement Award —which she has been awarded five times. Isaura has built her reputation on challenging assumptions and overcoming obstacles for the companies and communities she serves. With multiple engineering degrees from Stanford University, she was the first from her Latin American family to go to college. Her diverse perspective has been an asset to solve some of Intel’s most difficult issues.

Gaeta has vast manufacturing experience from designing prototypes to ramping and scaling to millions of units at Intel Corporation.  Her product lines scaled from $10M to $150M in revenue with close monitoring on metrics to maximize output.  She was the General Manager of a 1000-person highly automated semiconductor fabrication facility where she led with a strong safety and quality culture.




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