Your Support Makes a Difference.

50/50 Women on Boards is committed to increasing gender balance and diversity on corporate boards to ensure diversity & inclusion at the highest levels of leadership – but we can’t do it alone!

Independent research shows that companies with gender balanced and diverse boards are more profitable and productive, and the workforce is better engaged and collaborative when three or more women serve on a board. Here are some of the ways we encourage you to get involved. 

10 Ways to Make an Impact!

  1. Research the board composition of the company where you work. Does your company (public or private) have 3 or more women on its board of directors? If not, find out why. If there’s only one woman director currently, ask the CEO to consider appointing a second woman, and possibly a third in the near future.
  2. Be selective about your future employment. Looking for a job? Identify socially responsible companies that support women’s advancement. Review the gender composition of the board and senior management.
  3. Vote your proxy. If you’re an individual investor, find out how many women serve on the boards of the companies where you own stock. If there are no women directors, send the CEO a letter to ask why not. And make sure you vote for shareholder resolutions on board diversity and for board slates that include women.
  4. Take Our Monthly Challenge. Every month, you will receive an email from 50/50WOB about a company with 0 or 1 woman on their board. Click the link to send a pre-written email to the company, gently urging them to add women to their board. It’s an easy way to make your voice heard. 
  5. Host an event or have us speak at one of your events. If you’re a member of a club or group, make a presentation about the 50/50 Women on Boards campaign or request one of us to speak at your events. 
  6. Register your support for the campaign. Make it a priority to advance yourself or other women to corporate boards of directors by staying connected. 
  7. Publicize the issue and share our campaign on social media. The more noise we make about the issue, the more likely companies will add women directors. Follow 5050WOB on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  8. Make an individual or corporate donation. This support helps foster our programs and events, which shows corporate board nominating committees that consumers care about board diversity. Corporate donations also provide your company with visibility and engagement among our networks.
  9. Form a 50/50WOB Campaign Committee: Leading a campaign committee in your City/State is a great way to increase your personal visibility, build your network, and demonstrate your leadership skills while working on accelerating more women to corporate boards of directors.
  10.  Empower your friends, family, and colleagues to support the campaign and get involved. 

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*50/50 Women on Boards is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.